I'm Benny Mackney, bennym, or squeakyneb, depending on what database you're querying. Squeakyneb would be the best start for internet-stalking me. I'm a programmer, demoscener and coder with Onslaught, Steam sale addict, and software engineering student at University of Canberra. I have weird hobbies like RC cars, simracing and inline skating.

Me Around The Web

My face


This is where I broadcast to the Internet and put things when I feel like putting them online somewhere but I don't have a good place for it. It's all very informal and not exactly well sorted. It's hosted on Tumblr so it has things like tags, an RSS feed, an ask-me-anything form, a form to submit blog posts (if you feel like ghost-writing for me), and some other neat stuff (including, obviously, being able to do Tumblr things like following me and reblogging my stuff, if you're into that). It automatically shares to my Twitter and my personal Facebook (which is rarely used otherwise).

Twitter logo


A lot of things on the web will tweet automatically for me (including but not limited to my blog, my YouTube channel and other assorted sites). This is for people who like automated stalking social syndication, but don't use Tumblr or know me well enough to be on my Facebook friends list. On the occasion that I do other Twitterly things, they'll probably stay here, so any dedicated stalkers will have to watch this in addition to my blog.


I tend not to post a lot on YouTube. There might be occasional bits but mostly it'll be a dump of any video files I end of wanting to publish. Most of the content from here on will be demoscene stuff, though there's some of my old things from high-school still on there.


Shadertoy is an awesome web app for prototyping fragment shaders and showing off your tricks. I use it mostly to test ideas for demo effects. The icon to the left is from a simple raymarch demonstration showing off normals and CSG (fairly standard techniques in that field, really).


Pouet is a website that is incredibly central to the demoscene. It's one of the (if not just "the") biggest community-oriented sites in the scene. It hosts links to productions coming out in the scene, has a forum/bulletin board for people to communicate and share techniques, and is the most common way people will find downloads and releases after a party. The icon to the left is from The Signal, a PC 4k production I made for Flashback 2014 (a party in Sydney).